Computerized Grannies – Crochet first with your Mouse

Julie over at Skamama’s Bone Hook has finally just posted a great piece on using your computer to plan out a granny square project. She and I are working on a wee book of granny patterns, and this little planning

If a leprechaun wore a cowl…

I made this crazy cowl yesterday while working at The Net Loft. I imagine that if a leprechaun wore a cowl it might look a little like this. Of course this one is so huge, it might swallow a leprechaun

It was all because of the grommets

A few weeks ago, I was in our local little fabric store picking up some pretty silk/cotton fabric that my friend Jenny was going to sew into a dress for Selma. I do not have a good relationship with my

Easy as Pi

Photo CC-licensed from Flickr User Net_Efekt Yesterday, designer Ellen Gormley asked a great question (via Facebook and Twitter): “crochet/knit designers: What’s your best method for measuring the circumference of a hat?” And when I gave my answer, I thought–“oh, I